Subcontractor to the electronic industry

We are subcontractor to the electronic industry in Denmark and northern Europe. For further information please contact by phone or e-mail.

| Total solutions

KE SUPPLY provides solutions or individual parts that comprise the design, construction, manufacturing, assembly and testing of costumized electronics.

| Our clients

Most of our clients are companies within the medical, disability aids, industry, water treatment, railways (safety), payment systems, digital sound and picture businesses.

| Surface Mounting Technology (SMT)

We have a Yamaha I-Pulse M4 and the capacity is placement of 12500 components/hour.

Handling limit for component size is 0402 and QFP package.

| Experience and certification

We have 25 years of experience in the electronics industry.

We are certified according to UL/CSA (E192402). We work according to IPC-A-620 class 2 & 3.

| Contact KE SUPPLY

At the moment we are 18 employees. We manufacture UL approved wirings, mounted printed circuit boards with SMD and conventional technology. For further information please contact by phone or e-mail.

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